Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recess at Daning

Every once in a while, an article will pop into my newsfeed that inspires me to shoot, write, and publish a post in one day.  Today I came across one of those articles!

Photographer James Mollison traveled the world and took pictures of kids during school recess. He used these photos to show how kids form relationships in their early years, and to show the disparity in wealth among schools around the world.  Fifty schools and seventeen countries later he has produced a book, Playground. 

After reading about the book on Buzzfeed and NPR, I became inspired to show you my kids at recess.

Recess usually starts when a march is played over the PA system.  The kiddos line up and march outside.
When they arrive on the playground, they line up in straight lines and check to make sure they won't hit anyone when completing nationally mandated exercises.
The kids then complete a nationally choreographed exercise routine. 
When the routine is over, the kids have about 15-20 minutes to play.  The kids love running around and playing with  funoodle missiles...

...and foam basketballs...

...and jumping rope.

Today, the kids were playing soccer, basketball, jumping rope, and launching Nerf like missiles in the same area.  I don't know how anyone didn't get hurt.  The kids made it work. 
Recess toys vary by season.  In December, the kids had a great time hitting these feathered shuttlecocks with their ping pong paddles.
If it's cold outside, the kids play on hippity hops inside.  
They can also learn the art of ping pong...
and darts!   
The main campus has all kinds of activities like rollerblading and pool.  (Yes, the school has a pool hall built over the gym.)
The kids even have jungle gyms and a rock climbing wall.

There is a reason why kids smile everyday at Daning.

Interested in seeing other schools around the world?  Check out the artist’s site by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing how children play in different parts of the world! Thank you for sharing. 😊