Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Siam Safari

During our time in the East, I’ve had the opportunity to hold and feed a LOT of different animals.  One animal that has been on my feed/ ride list has been the elephant.  So during our October national day holiday, we took a safari to Phuket, Thailand so I could feed and ride an elephant.  Thanks to Siam Safari, I was able to do that and so much more!!!  Our half-day safari was truly an adventure!

Unfortunately we were greeted with rain at the elephant camp.  No worries, they sold ponchos!!
There were a load of fun activities on our 4 in 1 Safari.
The safari started with a bit of tea...

...and some coconut pancakes. 
Then a friendly ox showed us how rice is plowed.

He also gave us a quick ride around the demo rice paddy.
After our ride we learned how rice is harvested.  
After harvesting rice, we learned how to harvest coconut.  In this picture, the staff member was showing us how coconut milk is made. 
After coconut, it was time to learn how to cook an amazing green chicken curry. 
The curry was spicy but tasty. Chris and I were both huge fans!
I had no idea rubber originally came from trees.  The rubber tapping demo showed how rubber goes from a tree to a mat.

After the all the demonstrations, it was time for the main event!  Chris and I got to meet some cute baby elephants!
After the baby elephant show, we fed the calves a basket of fruit!  This little one loved her bananas. 
Even though it was raining, we had a great time taking a ride through the jungle. After logging was banned in Thailand, many of the elephants were given jobs as tour guides.  Siam Safari has been recognized for their humane treatment of and conservation efforts of elephants.
Tours like these have completely ruined zoos for me.  Nui Nar gave us a great tour of the jungle...
Even if she sneezed all over my fingers.  Ew. 
My Siamese Safari is one I'll never forget!
We had a great time on our half-day safari!  This tour is a definite must for any elephant lover!