Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Shanghai Halloween 3: My Zombie Apocalypse

During the last week of October, Halloween fever swept through Shanghai.   Kids of all ages had a great time dressing up and loading up on candy.

Halloween came with a gusto this year!!  The teachers decorated the school the Friday before Thanksgiving.

Don't have a pumpkin?  Carve a pomelo! 
The kids weren't distracted by the decorations at all. 
This bat in my 2nd grade classroom lit up and wiggled every time I clapped my hands to get my kids' attention.  Guess who took a battery out of that toy.

By the end of the week, we were ALL ready to trick or treat!

On Halloween day, I had a great time dressed as Pete the Cat with my kids.

My first graders were very ready to collect candy!

My fourth graders kept asking me for candy.  I think a few of them tried to get at least 5 rounds of candy.
While these kiddos were asking for candy,
this little guy tapped me on the shoulder and startled me.
After Meridia shot a few suction cup arrows at me, the bow and arrow set disappeared.

It somehow reappeared at the end of the day.

Since I didn’t have to teach the day after Halloween, I decided to participate in a Zombie Crawl on Halloween night.   Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the crawl itself.  (I had to stay in character.)  However I did have a great time with some international zombies.

After three or four layers of makeup, I was ready to participate in the zombie apocalypse.

About forty zombies met up in Xintiandi for a stroll. 
Michael Jackson did a great job coordinating the effort.

This zombie snagged his Chinese police costume off Taobao.  The real Chinese police had a fun time messing with him during the stroll.
Chris wasn't feeling much like a zombie, so he enjoyed the spectacle as a civilian.
Harry Potter ran up to me and cast a spell on me because Harry Potter can kill zombies.  When he was unsuccessful , he offered me 1 RMB to scare his Mom.

After the crawl, we had a great time catching up at Xuan.

Overall, it was a spooky kooky Halloween in Shanghai!

I'm already looking forward to next Halloween.