Thursday, August 14, 2014


Looking for a cheap, easy, fun getaway from Shanghai for the day?  Before last Monday, I was.  Since school is still out and Chris is working all day, I’m going a wee bit stir crazy.  When my friend Jume suggested we take a one-hour 12 RMB ($2 USD) bus trip to a water town called Zhujiajiao, I was in.

1700-year-old Zhujiajiao is a small village that once thrived on rice and clothing industries.  Now it is a tourist trap that contains restaurants, street food stalls, and PLENTY of stores that are perfect for junkin.   During our three-hour stay, we had a splendid time exploring.

While walking through the canal side streets, the smell of street food filled the air.  Treats like these pig trotters, zongzi, and pork ribs could be purchased for under 10 RMB ($1.50 USD)
Many of the stalls like the one pictured above had very cheap souvenirs.
Jume convinced me to get a 30rmb ($5 USD) fish pedicure.  After 25 minutes of these guys nibbling and tickling my feet, I was ready to roll.

I loved these cute shoes!
We had a great view during our scallion spaghetti lunch.
Chinese gondoliers transported tourists through the canals.  A ride ranged in price from 60-120 RMB ($10-$20 USD)

This animatronic statue welcomed visitors to what I assumed to be a haunted/ fun house.  I was too creeped out to ask.
Lots of four legged friends hung out on the streets. 
My time in Zhujiajiao was a great afternoon break from downtown Shanghai.  If you are in the mood for some street food and junkin, I would check it out.  If you would like more information on Zhujiajiao, click here.