Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Junkin Down Dongtai Lu

The first time I met my Mother’s cousin Du, she introduced me to an amazing word: junkin.  Junkin is the act of meandering through gift shops, garage sales, malls, and other venues in search of tchotchkes, trinkets, and souvenirs that eventually end up collecting dust on a shelf.  In Shanghai, there are PLENTY of places to go junkin, one of which is the Dongtai Lu Antiques Market.   

When I hear the words antique market, I think of stalls that contain old furniture.  That is not the case on Dongtai Lu.  If you are looking for an eccentric souvenir for the friend that has everything, this street is the place for you.

Welcome to Dongtai Lu, home of many eccentric souvenirs. 
I had no idea that the Keebler Elves were avid sportsmen.   This clock is perfect for the anglers in your life. 
Can't find the perfect doll for your little princess?  This pair is looking for a good home!
I am embarrassed to admit I was intrigued by the fortune telling sticks.  These magic sticks will forecast your day.  
I picked the number 10.  I thought the set could be a great party game, but the vendor wouldn't meet my price.  
The plate was for sale, the dog wasn't.  I wondered if the dog was trained to draw attention to the platter.
Many times the stalls were cluttered, but some of the displays were visually stunning. 
Shopping for a doctor?  This acupuncture doll family is the perfect gift.

Shopping for a bird lover?  Perhaps one of these cages will do. 
These blade gloves are perfect for recreating the movie Edward Scissorhands.
For the empress...
When shopping on Dongtai Lu know that many items are mass-produced, so feel free to drive a hard bargain.  For directions to Dongtai Lu, click here.