Saturday, May 3, 2014

I’ll Be There For You: Our Trip to Central Perk

When I was in college, Thursday night was always spent crowded around the TV watching the show Friends.  Thanks to the help of a box set Christmas present, I can say that I have seen every episode created.   I thoroughly enjoy the show, especially the scenes shot at the Central Perk, a coffee house in New York.

In 2006, an Iranian businessman decided to cash in on the Central Perk idea and started a franchise of the coffee houses in 32 different countries.  Fortunately one of these cafes is located in Shanghai!  So over the Mayday holiday, Chris and I stopped by to have a cup of coffee and enjoy a few episodes of Friends.

The cafe is a little tricky to find.  Don't enter the doorway by the 160 street sign.  Keep walking down the street to this sign. 

Chris decided to dress in 90's flannel for our visit.

As we were walking in, this little kitty was walking out.  I couldn't help singing "Smelly Cat".
This Central Perk window was actually inside the cafe.  It looked remarkably like the sign on the show.

In addition to coffee, the cafe offered character themed cupcakes. 
They were out of the Monica, so I settled for an awesome Red Velvet Rachel cupcake. 

Chris cuddles Hugsy, Joey's penguin, on the couch.
The drinks are served in Friends favorite quote mugs.  I loved the episode with Ross and Emily's wedding!

The barista added a little Central Perk touch to Chris' Brown Sugar coffee.  At the cafe, patrons can sip coffee while watching old episodes of Friends.

I was quite impressed with their coffee selections. 

If you like Friends, cupcakes, and/or coffee I highly recommend a stop to Central Perk.  For instructions on how to get to Central Perk, click here!