Saturday, March 8, 2014

Exploring Through The Lens

Shanghai is a massive, beautiful city that is jam packed with incredible photo opportunities.  One of my favorite ways to spend a sunny weekend is to grab my camera, explore, and shoot.  Knowing this, Chris gave us a Photo Walks: Stroll & See Photo Tour from Shanghai-Flaneur for Valentine’s Day. 

Our tour began in a small coffee shop near the Hongkou Football stadium.  The first half hour of the tour was a lecture on how to use different camera settings.  Our instructor, Yolanda, was quite knowledgeable about how to shoot with different settings.    Her talk was a great refresher of the course I took last semester.

Yolanda did a great job teaching us about camera settings.
After our mini lecture, it was time to take off and shoot.  Our first destination was a park next to the stadium.  We had a great time snapping the hustle and bustle of Saturday at the park!

Our tour started with shots of the bird cages in the park.

Many days, folks bring their song birds outside, and hang their cages on wires in parks.  The tweeting birds bring great joy to my walks.
We then walked to find a chorus of citizens singing the anthems of their people.  
The singers were accompanied by accordions, violins, and many other instruments.
The entire spectacle bordered on being magical.  These sing alongs happen quite frequently.  I highly recommend checking one out on a weekend morning. 
I then took a moment to capture the beauty of some nearby pink blossoms.
Folks were dancing all over the park.  Some people were ballroom dancing.
Other folks took the line dancing route. 
One day, I will learn their dances and join in the fun.
After the park, we headed for the streets of Hongkou to capture a bit of everyday life.

A tiny fruit market was one of our first stops.
These stands can be found in many Shanghainese alleys.

Many residents stepped out of their homes to watch foreigners take pictures. 
We then walked by some small restaurants.  Customers picked out ingredients to add to this large soup pot.  This soup is a classic winter street food.
We then took a break from shooting to have an impromptu lesson on fun with white balance.
We then ducked into a residential alley to shoot the daily happenings.
These two cuties were doing their homework outside.
I made sure to keep my eyes open when walking down the alleys.  People had a tendency to whiz by on their scooters.
It was such a privilege to capture everyday life.
If you are looking to see and shoot everyday Shanghai, I highly recommend this tour. The company provides tours in English, German, and Mandarin.  I am looking forward to taking a couple more tours with them!  For information about Flaneur, visit their website: 

P.S.  I was not compensated by the company for this post.  The tours are that good.  Happy snapping!