Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Yohan Visits Shanghai

Once upon a time there was a fabulous fellow named Stanley.  Stanley got smashed by his bulletin board and now is flat.  He takes his current situation in stride by circumnavigating the world and reporting the joys of visiting new cities and countries.   His cousin, Hobart Indiana native Yohan, is also in a similar predicament.  Yohan came to visit us in Shanghai thanks to Melanie!

Flat Yohan traveled 11,751 KM or 7301.73 miles to experience life in China!  While he was here, he had a great time!

When the Yohan arrived, he was greeted by two horses who were celebrating Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year.  He realized he needed some warm clothes!  
Thankfully, his new Terra Cotta Warrior friends hooked him up with a qipao!
While he was here, Yohan noticed many doors had red signs on them.  People put these signs on the door to scare away the monster who may visit during the Spring Festival.
Yohan also had a great time seeing the many lion statues that protect various buildings.

On a nice Spring day,  Yohan visited the Jing 'An temple!  The temple is a Buddhist temple.

He had a great time watching people make wishes and throwing coins in the large incense burner in the middle of the temple grounds. 
Yohan enjoyed smelling the pink blossoms in the park. 
He also had a great time line dancing and practicing tai chi in the park!

After tai chi, he wanted to take a ride on a boat!  For 2 RMB (30 cents) his dream came true!

All of the dancing, walking, and tai chi made him very hungry, so he gobbled a bowl of noodles and mushrooms!  He did a great job using chopsticks!

He also found a new favorite food, xiaolongbao.  Xiaolongbao are soup dumplings with meatballs in them!  Be careful to suck the soup out of the top of the dumpling before you chew them.  Otherwise you may make a mess!

Yohan also had a chance to meet some students at Shanghai Daning International Elementary School!  Notice how all of the students wear uniform coats?  This is because they don't turn on the heat in the classroom!  Brrrrrrr…

If Flat Yohan were to visit us again in the winter, he would need to bring a very heavy coat so he won’t freeze.  If he were to visit us in the summer, he would need to bring a swimming suit and shorts because it gets HOT!

Everything about Shanghai is exciting!  Especially the city at night!

This is downtown Shanghai at night!  Yohan loved Shanghai! 

I hope all is well in Hobart, Indiana!!  Thanks for the visit Yohan!