Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gound-doxie’s Day 2014!

My weather-predicting pup accurately called for six more weeks of Winter last year.  Let’s see what he has to say about this Spring’s weather!!!

Ditka’s 2014 Weather Prediction

Hi everybody!  Ditka’s here!
To give you weather news this fine New Year!

Do I have to do the groundhog's work every year???
 Last year I said there’d be six weeks of cold weather.
So Leia and I spent a long time cuddling together.

This morning after having some kibble to eat,
I went to see if the cold weather would repeat.

I strapped on my leash and down the vater we flew
To get some fresh air and go potty woo hoo!

When we heard the vater ding we walked out the door.
I did my business and trotted a little more.

Really Mom?  Can't a pup have a little privacy?  
I hopped on the fountain only to see,
Nobody looking back at me. Wee hee!!!

No shadow this year!!!!  

I then barked really loud and strong and clear,
“Put away the coats!!  Spring is here!”

“It’s time for frolic and chasing those cats!
No more mittens, scarves and itchy hats!”

Let's go cat hunting!!!!

Leia wants to stay outside and play! 
So go outside, have fun and play!
I wish you a happy Ground-doxie’s Day!!

Have a warm, sunny New Year!!