Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Merry Little Chinese Christmas 2.0: The Man in the Hat is Back

Expat holidays can at times be downright depressing.    While many of my family members and friends posted photos of holiday celebrations, I (like many other expats) had to carry on business as usual.  As a laowai, I figure I had two ways of handling holiday induced feelings of loneliness and homesickness.  My first option was to bury myself in a bowl of tears and xiaolongbao (Chinese dumplings) while catching up with my Veep DVDs.  Or with the help of Chris “Kringle”, I could bring the party to Daning! I have to say, my school community loves to celebrate holidays!

A plastic Michael Jackson/ John Lennon Santa Claus greeted the kids for about a week before the big day.

We started the day with a round of "Jingle Bells" with my 5th graders. 
Santa gave each of them a personalized ornament.

In return, each of my students personalized an ornament for me.

Then it was time for Santa's dance party and limbo contest.

The kiddos had a pretty good time.

Between classes, Santa got mobbed by students whom were hungry for chocolate! Some of the kids got confused, walked up to him, and cried, "Trick or Treat!"

Santa got swarmed by my second graders and the iPhone paparazzi.  Kids of all ages wanted their pic with Santa. 

My second graders loved their Santa pins.

Some of my third graders questioned the authenticity of Santa's beard.

My third graders take a goofy group shot with Santa.

My fourth graders weren't as excited about Santa as my younger students, but they played along anyway.

One of my first graders announced that Santa wasn't real the Monday before Christmas.  When we introduced him to Santa from the North Pole, he kept saying, "Zhenda?  Zhenda?"  (Really?  Really?)  He was quite surprised.

One of my friends, Grace, helped Santa pass out Jingle Bells to the nice first graders.

These first graders were feeling the Christmas Spirit!

My English Corner kiddos showed Santa their best YMCA!

Then, they decorated ornaments!

Needless to say, Santa was beat after his rounds.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and wish you the happiest of new years!!!