Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Survive an Elementary School Halloween: My Sugar Zombies in Pictures

I officially survived my second Halloween in Shanghai.  It was a fun and crazy Halloween season!

In preparation for Halloween, all of my English Corner students created their own Halloween masks.  I found the masks on Fuzhou Lu for 3 RMB ($.50) per mask. 

Some of my kids are amazing artists!
Some of my other students are incredibly sweet but scare me at times.

The day before Halloween, I arrived at school to see this message.  We're not in the States anymore!!
When I arrived at the first grade campus on Halloween morning, I was greeted by tons of little sugar zombies who were ready to trick or treat!

I was surprised when I learned kids would be trick or treating first thing in the morning.  I thought that the school would have waited until after lunch before the madness would begin.  

Trick or treating was an extreme event at school.  There were times where I feared being trampled.  Many of the kiddos thought all they had to do was yell,
"Trick or Treat!" and hold out their hands for candy.

Many of the kids reminded me of the carp longing to be fed at the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis

Batman kept having wardrobe malfunctions during Trick or Treating time.  His visibility was impaired by his mask.  I was so surprised that the kids were able to dress up for school.  In the US, kids usually have to dress up like a storybook character if they wear a costume to school.
Many of the kids wore random costumes.  I don't know if this girl is supposed to be Snow White or the Devil.  She is too cute either way!
Many of the kids did not fully understand the concept of trick or treating.  After I would give them a piece of candy, they would give me a piece in return. 

Needless to say, I was NOT excited about having to teach kids right after trick or treating time.  Much to my surprise the kids were calm, and class was business as usual.

The kids didn't eat any of their candy, and class was business as usual.  Amazing!
It wasn't a Happy Halloween for everyone.  One kiddo forgot his costume, and refused to borrow any props that were offered.  However, he did accept candy in his backpack.  When I wished everyone a Happy Halloween he replied,
"No Ms. Anne.  It's a very very very very very very very SAD Halloween."  It kind of broke my heart.
After class at the first grade campus, I headed back to the main campus for more halloween fun.

While on breaks, kids would swarm the office for treats.  The nun costume cracked me up!

I loved the kiddos who masked the student statues and fought the zombies.  

Much to my surprise, students are allowed to bring toy weapons to school as part of their costumes. 

The kids swarmed the teachers in search of treats.  I felt bad...I ran out of candy early.

Some of my fifth graders pose before class.  
I am proud to say I survived the attack of the sugar zombies!!!  Happy Halloween!!