Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stacking it Up with Project OREO

Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon, I teach English Corner.  During English Corner, students learn about western culture and practice their English in a relaxed setting.

One week ago, my students participated in Project OREO during corner time.  Project OREO is a worldwide competition to see how many Oreo cookies one is able to stack.  Each student in my club had two attempts to stack as many cookies as possible, and the larger of the two numbers went in a class spreadsheet.  We then determined the average number of cookies stacked per student in our class and submitted the data to the Project OREO website. 

This pack of Chinese Oreos cost about 19 RMB, or around 3 US dollars.  Many Chinese folks LOVE Oreos because they are not as sweet as other Western deserts.
Chinese Oreos come in a variety of flavors.  I have yet to try the Orange and Mango cookies. 
Some other Chinese Oreo flavors include peach/grape, birthday cake, green tea, and vanilla ice cream flavors.  I stuck with the traditional Oreos for this project. 
Here are some of the highlights from our competition.
A. stacked the most cookies...19.

K. and K. have some fun while stacking.

Many students took their time to ensure the cookies didn't tumble.

T.  spots J. as she attempts to break the record of 19 cookies. 
Some of my second grade students strut their stacking stuff! 
J. helps S. with a stacking strategy to stabilize her stack.
After stacking, we took a class poll to see which part of the Oreo was tastier, the cookie or the cream.  The cream won by many votes!

We then shared reasons why we like Oreo cookies.

My Wednesday class watched some old Oreo commercials, shared reasons why they like Oreos, and even created a jingle of their own!

FYI, our club average stack was 14 cookies tall! We had a sweet time participating in this project, and look forward to competing again next year!