Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shanghai Shopaholic: Say Cheese, Shutterbugs!

As a general rule of thumb, it is cheaper to buy cameras and many electronic devices in the US.  However, many of us have ventured over here and subsequently realized the joy of photography!  If you are in search of photography equipment and accessories, look no further to the Xing Guang Pho Photographic Equipments market.

Welcome to the camera market!

Chris and I decided to head out to the market last Saturday to check out some filters and maybe pick up a small point and shoot camera for travel.  What we found was a photographers Mecca; six floors of jam packed with anything you could possibly need for a camera.

The first two floors are crammed with Nikkon, Canon, Leica, and Sony stores that offer digital cameras, SLR’s, video cameras, and some accessories.

The first and second floors are mazes of Nikkon, Cannon, Sony, and more!
The higher floors contain more accessories, gear, film, books, and studio equipment! 
There are entire stores that sell only tripods!
I don't think that tripod is large enough...

If you decide to buy the super expensive lenses, may I suggest a lens safe?

If you are shooting old school, you can stock up on film here.  I still don't know where it could be developed...

For those of you who want a Polaroid, pick your color.

I like to call this the photographer's straight jacket.

Chris rocks the photographer's hat. 
The top floor contains multiple repair shops in case your camera needs fixing.

The prices for many of the items at the mall were similar to those in the US.  While it is tough to negotiate, they do have the bargaining calculators everywhere so I would give it a shot.  If there is a lens you can’t live without, chances are it will be carried by at least one of the hundreds of vendors.  If you are interested, the market is located at 300 Lubing Rd.  Happy snapping!