Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ground-doxie's Day!!!

I don't think China celebrates Groundhog's day, so I enlisted Ditka to give the unofficial weather prediction for the spring!

Ditka's Shanghai Weather Prediction

Who needs a groundhog?  I was bred to catch groundhogs for lunch!!!

I am Ditka the groundhog doxie,
I strut around Shanghai with lots of moxie.

Mommy and Daddy are counting on me
To tell everyone what the upcoming weather will be.

So I put on my leash, took an elevator ride,
and trotted 50 paces to take a look outside.

Unfortunately, Shanghai is very smoggy.
But I am a very perceptive doggie!

Get outtamyway Leia!  I have a job to do!!

I jumped on the fountain and was startled to see,
My very own shadow staring at me!

AAUUUUGGHHH!  What is that looking at me?!?!

So it’s back to the toasty apartment we go!
There will be six more weeks of winter!  Let’s burrow!!!

See you in six weeks!