Monday, January 21, 2013

Heavy Metal Karaoke

I am not a huge fan of heavy metal or karaoke.  However, when I saw that a local pub, Inferno, was having a heavy metal karaoke competition last Saturday night, I had to check out the insanity.  Especially since the bar owners were going to give out prizes for the best-dressed heavy metal and rocker chick costumes.

After mass, a lovely dinner, and cardio workout thanks to our broken elevator we headed down the street and around the corner to Inferno. 

I was not happy to have to climb to the 20th floor twice due to a broken elevator.  At least our building doesn't have a 4th, 13th or 14th floor so it was only 17 flights of stairs.    Chinese folks see the number 4 as unlucky and westerners view the number 13 as unlucky.
We made the trip down the street, around the corner, and behind the police station to Inferno.
Too bad no one was excited for the competition.
I was quite disappointed to see that not many people dressed up for the costume contest, but nonetheless we were entertained by not quite Iggy Pop, not quite AC/DC, not quite Poison, and many other rocker impostors.

Our friend Uwe rocks out to "Wonder Boy" by Tenacious D

The judges were being stingy with points.
Chris rocks my world with a rendition of "Every Rose Has It's Thorn".  
He was robbed!!!!  In response to his scores, Chris sang a very unflattering Metallica song to the judges.  I value my visa, so I will not post the video.
Here are some highlights of the show.  (You may want to turn down your volume.)

When shirtless not quite Iggy Pop finished up the show, it was time to head home. 

  The next day was brew day!!!