Thursday, January 31, 2013

China’s Super-Secret Lottery

Last weekend, I learned about the super secret Chinese lottery.  When we got our KTV fapiao, I noticed that my friend Dan was scratching the ticket with a coin.  (A fapiao is an official tax receipt issued by the Chinese government.)  Apparently China has a free scratch off lottery that you can play on official restaurant, hotel, and entertainment fapiaos. 

Here is how it works:

1) When you are you are paying your restaurant bill say,
“Wo yao fapiao.”  (Woah yow fa pee ow!)

2) The restaurant will bring you an official receipt that looks like this.
Scratch off the silver box that says, "AwardArea".

3) Scratch off the silver box for a chance to win 5-50,000 Yuan.  (That is about $1- $8000)

4) If a number is under the silver box, take it the fapiao to the bank to collect your winnings!

Why does the Chinese government support this fabulous program?  Because this is one way the government holds businesses accountable for paying taxes.  The amount of taxes paid by businesses has dramatically increased by millions of dollars since implementing the program. 

I have always been a sucker for scratch offs. I just don’t know why I did not know about this program before!  Wish me luck!!!

No winnings this time...but there is always next time!!