Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xinnian Kuaile!!!

New Year’s Eve 2011 was an interesting evening.  Since I had to return to work on January 2nd, Chris and I made the long drive from Chicago to Charleston and were exhausted.  We arrived home around 9:30, ate some Ruby Tuesday’s curbside to go, and watched Dick Clark in the comfort of our pajamas.  My how times have changed!

This year, we suited up and went out!

This New Year’s we ushered in the holiday with a friendly dinner, fireworks on the Bund, and some fun times at Bar Rouge. 

The evening started with a “Sparkly” potluck supper / hombrew tasting with some of our Shanghai crew. 

It was wonderful to celebrate with friends from different parts of our lives.
As part of our celebration, we popped some Christmas Crackers.  Inside my cracker was this lovely crown and a fingernail clipper. 
Even Ditka was having a great time snuggling with our guests.
After dinner, we boarded a 16-passenger van and headed to the Bund for the New Year’s countdown and fireworks!

The police were out in full force to make sure everyone had a fun, safe evening.

We loved watching fireworks with hundreds of thousands of friends.
After the fireworks, it was time to head to Bar Rouge for more fun and champagne!
This was the multi level line to get in to Bar Rouge.  Luckily, my "friend" John was able to get us in with no cover and no wait. :) 

We're having fun with the Bosch Shanghai crew.
Those dots on this picture are not stars.  They are floating lanterns containing well wishes for the new year!
Happy New Year everyone!!!
It was a great night to suit up and go out!  Thanks everyone for making the evening a night to remember, and have a great year!