Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beijing Part Four: Olympic Beijing

After our snowy Great Wall experience, Tony took us to Olympic Park to see the Beijing National Stadium (aka the Bird’s Nest) and the Water Cube.  I have often times wondered what these venues are used for now that the games are over.

I still wonder how this place makes money.

The Bird’s Nest is a big tourist attraction.  For 50 RMB ($8 or so), one can take a tour of the 80,000-seat sculpture/stadium.  Sometimes the stadium is used for concerts, an occasional soccer match, or even a outdoor snow theme park.  However, it does not house any major sports teams.  I am amazed that it is still profitable.

The Water Cube is beautiful at night!

After the Olympics, the Chinese government spent around $32 million to transform half of the Water Cube into a water park complete with water rides, a wave pool, and spa.  Whoever came up with that idea is genius.  Kids can play while the parents relax!

After our final stop, it was time to catch some dinner…