Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chili-ing Out

After a summer of 100+ heat indices, Shanghai is finally starting to cool down!  To celebrate the departure of muggy weather, Chris and I headed to the 7th annual chili cookoff at Bubba’s restaurant in Shanghai.

About twenty teams participated in this CASI sanctioned event.  The top four entries are headed to an international chili cook-off in Texas. I have to admit, before today I had no idea there was a chili cook-off sanctioning body.  You learn something new everyday!

My beverage had a mustache!  In honor of team 24!

Chris loved the home brew and a spicy shot of "Yankee Chili."

Team Terlingua made a chili so spicy, that I did not feel the burn for 30 seconds.  Then my mouth stung for 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, they took the top prize.

If you voted for team Pistolera, you received some extra TLC/Tequila from some naughty nurses.

Am really bummed that the Jailhouse Chili crew ran out of chili early.   Their presentation was fabulous.

Perhaps dinosaurs would have survived if they had chili.

Our friend and fellow Purdue grad Eric Otting's team came in second place!  Score one for his bar, De Refter!
Needless to say, we had a great time. Bring on the fall!