Monday, July 2, 2012

A Midwestern Interlude

Before we took off for Shanghai, Chris and I wanted to visit the Midwestern family and friends!  The majority of the trip was spent getting last minute affairs settled, however we managed to squeeze in some fun. Here are some of the highlights from the trip.  

Chris was a sweetheart and got us Cards/ Sox tickets for Thursday evening.  Our seats were on the third base line and close enough to the field that we got this warning.   
I got to pose with the 2011 World Series trophy!  The only time the White Sox scored was when I was getting this shot.  Sorry Chris! :)  The Cards won, FYI!
I spent Father's Day with my Dad!!!  He loved his new Nook from Dan (brother), Chris and me.

Dad and I at the Cardinal game on Father's Day.

I had the privilege of giving my Mom iPad lessons over the trip.  I was so happy to see she and my Dad sitting in the family room, engrossed in their devices!

Chris and I took my Grandma Ahrens out to lunch before we took off.  It was wonderful to see her. 

Chris and I had a friendly wager of Ted Drewes on the Cards/ Sox game, so I made him pay! :)

After our time in St. Louis, we visited Chris' family in Griffith.  In this photo Chris and his Dad are enjoying all you can eat crab legs at the Ameristar Casino.

On the way back from getting our puppies' paperwork from the USDA, we dropped by Purdue to check out our old stomping grounds.  Fuzzie Ladies, the house looks great!

I will always love Purdue.  So many happy memories!

Lunch at Harry's! (A Purdue Classic)

I take the time to pass by the Lion Fountain at Purdue.  :)  Boilermakers will find the humor in this.
We met up with my younger brother Dan for lunch at Ed Debevick's, a Chicago institution.

My younger brother rocking the Ed's hat.

Chris' Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom threw us a "Pandarific" going away party the last Sunday we were in town!  The Kosiors had decorated the entire house with cardboard pandas! 

Chris catches up our Aunts and Uncles with our China plans.

Chris cools off in the pool!
It was so so wonderful to visit everyone, be it in person, online, or over the phone.  Thank you all SO much for supporting our journey.  I look forward to sharing our new life happenings with you soon!