Thursday, April 12, 2012

House Hunters Shanghai

Many of you have been asking to see pictures of our potential new places.  After 3 days of intensive house hunting, I think Chris and I have narrowed our decision to four different places.  (I know HHI usually narrows it down to three, but we needed one more. )

Before you see our final choices, check out some of the other places that will be WONDERFUL for other people.

Look!  It is gated!

It is well lit also!

Chris rocks the coffee.

We have satellite TV.

At least this is not a squattie.  (That is a whole other post that will come much later.)

Um, OSHA?  I think we may have a violation.

Here are our finalists:

1)   Razzle Dazzle

the kitchen
Guest bedroom #1

I am such a sucker for sparkly lighting.

master bedroom storage

the living room area  How can Chris think this is a doll house? :)

Guest bedroom #2 that will be my office/ scrap room.
Our first finalist is a 3-bedroom apartment in the Regent’s Park compound.  Located 2 minutes from the Shanghai Metro, this newly renovated 178 m2 apartment features beautiful hardwood floors, lovely peach wall coloring, one of a kind white furniture throughout the apartment, and maid service!  Unfortunately, this unit has no oven, and no yard.  However, the view from the 32nd floor is breathtaking.  Chris was skeptical of the white furniture.  I believe “I feel like I am in a dollhouse” and “this white furniture sucks” were his exact words.  Anne-Marie LOVED the sparkly lighting!  She also loved the terrace that is connected to the room that would be her new office.

2)   Shanghai Haven

We have an oven!

This yard is great for the pups.

The "good health" bathtub

The master bedroom sitting area

The master bedroom sleeping area

The guest bedroom

Chris pretending to write his manifesto

The wine cellar

Anne-Marie's office area (Look out Ikea, here we come!)

The ladies like it!

Our second finalist is a 3-bedroom townhome in the Spring Garden compound.  Located 5-10 minutes from the Metro, this 250 m2 townhome features classic Chinese décor, a fenced in yard for the puppies, a spacious master bedroom suite, a wine cellar, and a lovely wooden bathtub that has been called “good for health”.  Chris enjoyed the large dining area.  He claimed, “I could sit here and write my manifesto.”  Anne-Marie had a great appreciation for the wine cellar, but was leery of the saloon style bathroom doors and wooden tub.  

3)   Corporate Compound
Family room lighting

The kitchen 

A-M's office

Jet tub!!!

Master bedroom

Guest bedroom

Dining area

Our third finalist is a 3-bedroom first floor apartment in the Yan Lord Riverside Apartment compound.  Yes, you can laugh at the name.  Anne-Marie is still laughing.  The 210m2 apartment has a terrace that is perfect for the puppies, a jetted master bathtub, three spacious bedrooms, and is an 8 minute walk from the Metro.  Chris likes the size of the apartment and puppy terrace.  He also likes the prospect of living in the same building with other Bosch employees. Anne-Marie has always wanted a jet tub, but is concerned that she can’t see the apartment illuminated because the government refuses to turn on the lights.  (Apparently the previous tenant and/or owner were tardy with their bills.)

4)   Gateway to the City

Fun times for the tenants

Ovenless kitchen

family and dining room area

the office

the guest bedroom

guest bathroom

master bedroom

all in one washer dryer

indoor driving range

Our final contender is a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in the Grand Gateway Garden apartment compound.  This tastefully decorated apartment close to the metro has an active tenant social calendar, maid service, doorman, and wonderful amenities center.  (Chris thoroughly enjoyed the indoor driving range.)  While the unit is small, (150 m2 ),  it is located down the street from a beautiful cathedral and across the street from a designer shopping mall.  (That’s right…A-M can walk to Sephora daily!!!)  Chris likes it, but is concerned about the dogs liking it. However he feels that “if we don’t cut their Pupperoni allowance, all will be okay”.  A-M loves the location, but is concerned about the sketchy view from the north side of the building. 

We can’t announce a winner because we are undecided.   That is where we need your help, dear readers. Please click here to let us know what you think about our new places.  We will reveal the winner as soon as it is selected. Stay tuned for more adventures!