Monday, April 30, 2012

The Great House Hunt and Garage Sale Fiesta

 Many of you have asked if we have found a place to live yet.  The answer is not yet. 

I am so thankful that so many of you responded to my blog survey at the end of my House Hunters Shanghai post.  I was amazed that 3 of you did not know your gender. J

Your feedback did help us with the selection process. The results of the survey are below:

For our first round pick, Chris and I selected the Corporate Compound.  We were VERY excited to have found a large apartment that we could call home.  The puppies had a place they could have called home! Everything was roses and ponies until we received the following email from our international real estate agent.

I hate to say it, but my gut hunch about the landlord from Yan Lord was correct.  According to a job interviewer in China, it is very common in Shanghai for landlords to back out during the rental negotiation process.  After getting this news, Chris and I reviewed our 700+ pictures to figure out how we wanted to proceed. 

We asked if Razzle Dazzle could replace the white plastic furniture with something a little less flashy.  The response was no. I was not about to subject Chris to living in a “doll house” for 3 years, so the Dazzle is out.

We made a second visit to Shanghai Haven and realized it was a little dirty, and pretty far away from the grocery store and subway.  It also had plants in the backyard that could be fatal for Leia and Ditka.  Um, no thank you.

We also realized that Gateway to the City was too small, and the view from the other side of the apartment was even sketchier during the second visit.

Long story short, we are back to square 1.5.

The good news is Chris is going to be heading back to Shanghai in Mid May, and he has set up another meeting with Ring Lee (our real estate agent).  He is going to visit more apartments so we can find our new pad.  Hopefully, I will get to see the new places via Skpe on his phone. 

In the meantime, we are preparing for our Cinco de Mayo Garage Sale Fiesta next Saturday. 

We were supposed to hold our moving to China sale in late March, however an unfortunate plumbing nightmare forced us to postpone the sale.
In preparation for the sale, I have decided to try all of the boxed up kitchen appliances to determine if I really want to sell them.  Fools advice, don’t do this if you want to get rid of things!!

After holding a 70's Cheesy Fondue Dinner, we realized the fondue set had to stay.

We are going to drink lots of tea in China, right?

We can always use our snowman plate...and our loaf pan.

If you are interested in getting a great deal for a cheap price, drop by our place Saturday.  We have everything from Margarita glasses to old magazines!  Come one, come all…buy our stuff!