Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Sale

I never considered myself or Chris to be hoarders.  Sure, we pick up paperback or two when we travel, buy tools when we have a home improvement plan, and snag new clothes when we need them.  However, I don’t consider us to be like the poor souls on cable who need licensed professionals to coax them out of their clutter.  
After our domestic relocation consultant told us that we could only take 220 Kg (about 458 lbs) of things via air freight and one 40 ft. container of sea freight, we realized it was time to de-clutter and sell sell sell!  
This weekend we have sorted through almost 11 years worth of electronics, books, clothes, tools, and other various household items in preparation for our moving sale!

As you can see from the artwork, we may be hoarders.  The good news is I have reclaimed half of my closet!
If you are interested in old Chemical Engineering textbooks, are itching to start that garden, or want to expand your VHS library come visit our mega sale this Saturday from  7am- 2pm.  Not only will you be getting valuable merchandise, you will have a chance to meet my mom, Pat “Money Bags” Ahrens.
Come all!  Buy our stuff!!