Saturday, March 17, 2012

The cat (and the cookies) are out of the bag.

Today, I broadcast our impending China adventure to my people at Beech Hill Elementary and Summerville Elementary.  I am fortunate to have received many fun and warm responses from my peers.  One of my coworkers stated that he was going to watch Kill Bill this weekend as a congratulatory tribute. Another brought me a bag of fortune cookies to share with the instructional technology team. :)

Many people have asked questions, so I am going to try to answer them on this post.
Q) Where are you going to live?
A) I don’t know.  As part of our relocation package, Chris and I will be taking a week long trip to Shanghai to play House Hunters International.  (No we are NOT going to be on the show, it is just a game. :) ) Bosch has paired us up with a real estate agent, Alex, who will hopefully show us some nice places.  I am thinking we will more than likely end up living in an expat community, however a Shanghai sky rise may be fun.  I will post pics as soon as I am able.
Q) What are you going to do while you are there?
A)  Again, I don’t know.  I am thinking that I can
    1. Teach in one of the Western Schools
    2. Teach English as a Foreign Language 
    3. Apply for a sales job at the Apple Store in Pudong
    4. Learn to be a professional Mah Jong player.
Q) Will you be taking the dogs with you?
  1. Yes.  Ditka and Leia are our fur babies.  There is no way we would leave them behind.
Q) How long will you be there?
  1. Three years, I think.
Q) Will you be able to come home during that time?
  1. Yes.  As part of our relocation package, we will be heading home at least once per year.
Q) Will you bring your cars?
  1. No. We are going to sell them. There is no way I would be able to manage the crazy Shanghai traffic.  One of my guide books states,
“Expect to get in at least two traffic accidents per year.”
If you are interested in a 2004 Chrysler Sebring or a 1998 Buick Century, please let me know.  
Q) What are you going to do with your house?
  1. I don’t know.  We are still having the rental vs. selling conversation.
Q) Is Chris in the military?
  1. No. He is an engineer who works for Bosch.
Q) Where will you live when you come back?
  1. Again, I don’t know.
Q)  What are you going to do with all of your stuff?
  1. We plan on holding a garage sale extravaganza.  Our mega sale will include volumes of Chris’ political propaganda, women’s clothing in multiple sizes, a lovely sofa and armchair, a vintage VCR and more!  I will post the sale date if you are interested.  
Bonus Question:  When do you leave?
  1. Chris’ start date is June 1st, so we are thinking late May or early June.  On my birthday I may be eating authentic Chinese noodles for good luck!!!  
I will answer more questions as they come in.  Stay tuned for more adventures!